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 Forums Guidelines

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Forums Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Forums Guidelines   Forums Guidelines EmptyWed May 27, 2009 10:00 pm

This forums was created solely for Unstoppable Guild members only but others are also welcome here.


1. Avoid spamming and nonsense posts.
2. Avoid starting flame threads and inflicting flame on existing threads
3. Avoid Impersonating Unstoppable members. Although everyone is welcome here, non-Unstoppable guild members should state that they are not included in our guild. Failure to do so will ban their accounts.

For Non-Unstoppable members:

Please use your IGN in Cabal Online so that we may know who you are .
Only members of Unstoppable guild have the right to use another name here, given that they supplied their information on this thread:

4. Do not give your Username and Password that you use in your Cabal Online account to anyone.
Although this is not a hack site and the moderators and admins here do not want your account informations, please refrain from giving out your account information to others, even to guildmates. We will never ask your usename and password.

This Guidelines can be changed by the admin without prior notice


for # 1 and 2, If found guilty, 10 days ban 1st offense, 30 days ban 2nd offense, Permanent ban 3rd offense

for # 3 permanent ban

for # 4 if someone is caught asking for account info of another forumer, 1st offense 30 days ban, 2nd offense permanent ban

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Forums Guidelines
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